Overseas Contract Jobs for Veterans

by cebur19 on November 3, 2013

If you are a veteran, one of our American heroes and heroines who defended our freedom, then you have an advantage. Your experience, training, and security clearance will give you a leg up and help you land one of those high paying contractor jobs.

Companies that win government contracts are providing skilled labor to do routine tasks in theater that release soldiers to the fight.

  • My specialty is electronics so I repaired and maintained the remote controlled robots used by EOD to dismantle and disrupt IED’s and roadside bombs.
  • Military training and experience in logistics is one of the most sought after MOS’s. Every civilian company working in the danger zone has logistics requirements.
  • Aircraft power plant and airframe mechanics are needed at each airbase to maintain the specific aircraft assigned. If you have experience in aircraft ground handling, cargo management, specific aircraft types then there are job possibilities.
  • Another great advantage is a current security clearance. Applicants with a clearance are always in demand.
  • Persons who have combat and weapons experience are wanted for some of the highest paying and most dangerous positions to provide security. It is not uncommon for some of these specialties to earn $1000.00 a day.

Having worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other remote locations is valuable experience that non-veterans don’t have.

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Good luck in your job search.

Note: When applying make sure you have a current passport and birth certificate.

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